Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The Glove is ambivalent

G.P. has yet to show his ugly mug in Boston and I can't say I'm dissapointed. He's apparently working out in Las Vegas, and his agent said we'll know within a week whether or not he'll be reporting. My bet is that G.P. is trying to engineer a trade and I'm sure Danny Ainge will abide him if he can get a deal he likes. However, this seems unlikely for two reasons. The first is that G.P. is going to make $5.4 million dollars this season. No team in their right mind wants to pay an old point guard who has questionable talents and effects on team chemistry. And two, it's too early in the season to trade cap fodder like G.P. I think he should be dealt midseason so that Boston can position themselves well to get the next best thing, like cap room in return or a good draft pick. I would think the Clippers might have interest in such a deal. They're loaded with young high picks and they don't need anymore influxes of talent. Donald Sterling is cheap and as such likes cap room. From the Celtics perspective, the Clippers are unlikely to reach the playoffs this year so a return draft pick would likely be a good one that could be A) traded B) turned into more size. This is my hope of hopes.

The other best case scenario is that G.P. doesn't show up at all. He will be awful for the Celtics. Ricky Buckets is enough to deal with on his own. If only the Trailblazers hadn't changed their stance on the talent/character ratio recently. Boston could probably have suckered them into taking Buckets and the Glove in years past.