Monday, September 19, 2005

Mike Crotty: Deputy Director of Baby Sitting

From Sunday's Globe:

Green has settled into a new apartment with roommate Mike Crotty, the former Williams College point guard who just happens to be the Celtics' recently-hired director of player development. He has added about a half-dozen pounds to the 6-foot-8-inch, 200-pound frame that served him well during the high school all-star games where he emerged as a first-round prospect, but that was clearly insufficient for the NBA. He says he works out twice, occasionally three times a day.Continued...

I'm sure that Danny found that Crotty has the brain type of Michael Jordan and Tennesse Williams and the video game playing skills of a recent college grad thus making him the perfect person to hold Gerald Green's hand through an NBA season. But seriously, Gerald doesn't have a brother or somebody else to live with his first year away from home?