Sunday, December 30, 2007

Like Sands through an hour glass

The Celtics early season run has been quite nice. Only three losses, a good start to their road trip, what's not to love? For me, it's Doc Rivers insistence on continued shitty coaching. What we know about the newest incarnation of the Celtics is that they are built for the postseason. They could get 50 wins in their sleep. And that's how it should be. The Boston Three-Party is all 30+. This means that their MPG shouldn't go much above 35. Right now though Doc is relying on his superstars far too much to win meaningless games in December. For instance, let's look at Paul Pierece's last 6 games:

12/30 vs. L.A.: 37 Minutes
12/29 vs. Utah: 43 Minutes
12/27 vs. Seattle: 43 Minutes
12/26 vs. Sacto: 41 Minutes
12/23 vs. Orlando: 41 Minutes
12/21 vs. Chicago: 27 Minutes

Other than the Chicago game, Doc is maxing out Pierce's minutes. This is unacceptable for a player who is over 30, has logged a boat load of minutes already, and is coming off of an injury plagued season. The Lakers game is probably the ideal amount of minutes for Pierce and his running mates to play.