Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Almost one month

Ron Artest. My. My. My. It must be hard to go through life being wired improperly but still somehow functioning at certain tasks at a high level. It's a shame that he's going to waste his immense talent. And it's a shame for Indiana. With him they are championship contenders. Without him? They might be able to get to the finals, but it's doubtful. And to think that the SI preview issue featuered Bird and Artest in a touchy feely story about how Ron Ron had learned from his mistakes, how he worshipped Bird, etc. Now he thinks he should be "The Man" with the rock in his hand as much as possible? I say grant him his wish. Send him to any of the following: Atlanta, Toronto, Charlotte. Best of all Portland. I hear that they love head cases up there.

The whole problem the Pacers are faced with is that now every team in the league is going to low ball them on Artest. First because he's a maniac and they want his potential excellence, but don't want to give up too much in case he decides to kill commit a capital offense in his new uniform. Secondly, because the Pacers have admitted they are ready for a trade. I'm sure Danny faxed over an offer of Veal and Banks, or Blount for Artest already. And there are probably a ton more junk offers like that. And clearly the Pacers are going to take the best offer. What do they need in return? Maybe a center to compliment JO and let him play some PF.

Artest is so hard to read. Is he as crazy as advertised? I think so. He's not like Dennis Rodman because while the Worm loved theatrics, when it came to playing he brought it hard every night. And the only thing he did on the court was try to get in the opponents head. But maybe the problem in Indy is that O'Neal isn't Alpha dog enough to check Artest. Then again, Artest tried to kill the Baby Bulls with dumbells which is why they traded him.

At the end of the day, this must kill Larry Bird. It has to twist his stomach to see a guy like this ruin his career and his chances of winning a title. It really must.