Thursday, February 24, 2005

West Coast Blues

Two games in and two games down for the Celtics. The first loss to the Lakers was a little upsetting because the C's played tough and tight for three quarters and then in the fourth their defense softened and their willignness to work on the offensive end just disappeared. Too much standing around and settling for jumpers. Oh, and Mark Blount still can't catch a basketball. This was doubly upsetting because Mihm went for 18 and 14 in the game. Mihm was all hustle too. Too bad we didn't keep Mihm at the lower price and let Blount go somewhere else. Mihm is incositent but has had some monster games this year with the minutes he's getting on the Lakers. And Tommy pointed out that he is only 25 and is thus only learning how to play the big man role in the NBA. I thought it was a legit point, and it made me sad to see him, Jumaine Jones, and Chucky Atkins have major hands in dealing the C's a loss. Plus Kobe was starting to act out. Flexing, posing, glaring. He really is trying to become some kind of mock villain who nobody will take seriously. He's got great game, but the faux thug stuff isn't exactly going to win him any new fans.

Last night the C's got shelacked by Denver. Just an abysmal performance on their part. At first I was excited because I saw Delonte West seemingly starting making me think that G.P. had been traded. But no, G.P. was there, for now. West started out nicely going 4/5 and scoring down low handling the first quarter PG duties nicely. I'm still thinking that West is not a PG, but we'll have to give it time. He seems more like the Cutino Mobley type of scorer who gets some assissts along the way. Outside of that there were not really a lot of bright spots. Karl had his team running and gunning and the Celtics looked flat. And Mark Blount definitely can't catch.

Still hoping for a G.P. trade because now that the 76ers have Webber it's unlikely the C's are favorites to take the division/make the playoffs anyway. Buh.

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